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50 Master Photographers, Part 1

Who are the most influential photographers of the (mostly) black-and-white film photography era? Here's part 1: From Adams to Gilden!

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We were kicked down, but we got up again:
Black and White World is coming back

Dear readers,

It's a mean, nasty world out there, and back in January 2014 I discovered someone had defaced Black & White World by hacking onto our server and putting malware in it. We have fixed the problem. A big THANK YOU to Doteasy, our hosting service, for their timely help in getting the problem resolved.

New feature: If you have a Facebook account you can comment on any article in Black and White World! Just go to the end of any article...including this one!

Now it's time for...

Phase II: The Rebirth

Now, we are taking this opportunity to do a ground-up refresh and reimaging of Black and White World. It will take time, but it'll be better than ever! We're updating our content and adding new, how-to articles, buying guides and inspirational creative articles.

The new goal? For this site to be the go-to place online for information about all aspects of black and white photography for hobbyists, teachers, students, and anyone who can appreciate the art and craft of black-and-white photography.

-Mason Resnick
Owner, and Black and White World

What would you love to see in the new Black and White World?

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