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JULY 1996

Weegee the Famous
Classic shots from the spot news photo legend himself. An uncropped version of "The Critic" is worth the wait. Warning: Painfully slow download and overly large files, but hey, it's Weegee.

Tony Sleep Homepage
Solid photojournalism from the U.K. Over 100 photos on this site include coverage of an ecological activist takeover of an abandoned gin factory, the end of innocence for children in the decaying Hammersmith section of London, and an essay about Frestonia, a squatted street that once tried to seceed from the United Kingdom.

Skating Photographs
No, not photos on skates...photos of skateboarders. Nice action shots from Frank Dries, a Dutch photographer.

Life in the Seattle Music Scene
Alex Crick documents the bands that continue to make Seattle famous for cutting-edge music. Lots of concert shots with on-camera flash. This slightly eccentric site also features photos of clowns...check out the Fire Goddess!

The Vietnam I Remember
Marine Corps photographer Steven Curtis shows photos taken during two tours of duty in 1968 and 1970. The shocker here is the gentle touch and the emphasis on the mundane, interrupted by senseless burtality. Personal commentaries are well worth reading during the slowish downloads.

Chuck's Gallery
Chuck Baker's photography takes you to dark, abandoned and favorite places, medical facilities and places where animals roam, plus assorted oddities. Nicely conceived, well-organized website.

Richard Sandler
Revel in Richard Sandler's perceptive, strongly composed street photographs taken in New York. Lots of movement and immediacy in this impressive collection of slices of life in the subways and on the avenues.

Gary Auerbach Platinum Photography
Run by a commercial portrait photographer who works out of an exclusive resort, this site shows some interesting platinum printed portraiture, and includes a lucid explanation of what the platinum printing process is. Subjects include the famous (Arnold Schwarzenegger, for instance) and the unknown (a Navajo blanket weaver).

David Thompson
David Thompson's portraits are haunting. His subjects share a melancholy look that cuts through the surface. Well-done new work.

Dennis Halkides Fine Art Landscape Photography
Beautifully executed work in the spirit of Ansel Adams and company. Photos of Yosemete, Mt. Shasta, Yellowstone and other places show a good eye and finely-tuned technique.

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Top Ten Black and White Websites, August 1996

João Marques is an amateur Portugese photographer who has done a good job documenting his envioronment. Good young work with a fine sense of place.

Cycloid Fathom: Chuck Korolden
Chuck Korolden's infrared work puts a unique twist on the old Ansel Adams western vistas formula. Once again, Cycloid Fathom comes through.

Revue No. 2
Revue, the site where eight photographers contribute work around a one-word theme, does it again. This time the theme is "Offenses." Interpretations range from drug life in europe to the homeless and people picking up the pieces of the war in Sarajevo. Fine work, varied. Some color.

Mark Spiteri's Motel
This self-proclaimed rest stop on the highway offers up some fine environmental portraits and equally good studio product shots. From Toronto.

Ricard Terré
Spanish photograper Ricard Terre has spent the last 40 years refining the "poetic moment." This small sampling of his lyrical and perceptive photography intertwines the themes of childhood, death, Holy Week and Carnival in images that transcend place and time. Masterful work that has not been seen outside of Spain--until now.

Black and White Photography by Bryce Rohde
Nice evocative work by a renowned Australian Jazz Pianist-Composer. Samples from his book of photos and original Jazz compositions. And you can order the book from the site.

Iron Clad Images
Heavy metal (not the music) is just a part of this collection of photos by photojournalism major Ken Harper. Look to the "Singles" section for some strong environmental portraits, "Fragile Freedom," a day in the life of an autistic child, "Forever Friends" about a person living with HIV.

Mike Gammon Portfolio
Mike Gammon has an interesting day job: He works as an assistant to Francesco Scavullo. This mostly black and white site shows how much his boss's style has rubbed off on him.

Black & White Picture Place
Photos of England with painterly quality accompanied by some outstanding historical commentary. Photos of Liverpool and Chester, plus some excellent people pictures. Check out "And Now To Bed." Homey page, engaging.

Photo Essay: Hiroshima
On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, leading to the end of World War II. Life's staff of photographers was there for the aftermath. An awesome collection, courtesy of Pathfinder.


September 1996

Dial M for Moxie
And John Rogers displays plenty of it in his misty collection of street scenes, candids, close-ups and night life. Good use of selective focus and nighttime lighting. Watch out for Mr. Potato Head!

Handmade Photographic Images
George Smyth's alternative images show the variety of possibilities that open up when you go beyond traditional photography. Check out his infrared scenics, as well as his waterside pinhole photos. This site also features useful articles on alternative processes.

Carl Cook Photography
This small collection of wildlife photos includes a photo of a flying owl that's a real stopper. Worth a quick visit.

Oleg Volk's Homepage
While not exclusively black and white, this site's combination of excellent photography and witty running commentary make surfing its prolific selection worthwhile. The words and photographs have the effect of a diary--a well-written one. But with over 30 different subjects and well over 100 photos, this site could use a search engine.

Claudio Corrivetti's Photographs
Photo Reportage is alive and well in Italy, thanks to Claudio Corrivetti's lyrical--and sometimes whimsical--image-making. His photos are made in the spirit of Cartier-Bresson and Atget.

Robert Miller Photo Gallery
A homepage with cool lettering and an interesting layout leads you into a diverse selection of sepia-toned images. What do photo collection titles like "Aspherical Dreams," "Cambium Integrity," "Appalacian Tales" and "Journey to the Shrine" mean? Take a look and decide for yourself!

Tangled Web
An oddball mix of straight street photography, double-exposures and manipulated/hand-colored work. Young work that goes for a variety of styles over a consistent look. The copyright notice has an interesting attitude.

The Jerry Uelsmann Homepage
This site, maintained by Greg Anderson with Jerry Uelsmann's blessing, is a tribute to the master of in-the-darkroom image combinations. Excerpts from his books and shows, plus access to his fan club. If you've never seen Uelsmann's work, and you're into heavy image manipulation, this site will be a revalation. The first one: absolutely no Photoshop was used to create any of these other-worldly images!

Heidi Johnson Photography
This small commercial portfolio homepage not only displays a handful of people and infrared landscape photos, it even gives you the photographer's beeper number in case you want to reach her right now. Worth a quick visit.

Martin Chambi
Martin Chambi photographed life in the Andes from 1920 through the early '50s, creating a humanistic, sociological study of that time and place. This site features approximately 25 of these fine photos, which transcend mere documentation. Scroll down to the "Fotografias" logo and follow the links to get to the pictures.

December 1996
(There were no October or November listings...we went fishin')

John Daley
This boston-based photographer has put together an enjoyable mix of feature/news, street and nature photography. A wide range of styles shows a versatile approach.

Snapshots of San Fransisco
The photos are snapshot aesthetic, but the diary-like presentation gives this site a personal flavor as Emilie,the author/photographer, roams San Francisco photographing and taking notes of her experience and inner voice's reactions. Updated every Friday; over 40 previous weeks in archives.

Picture Windows
Beautiful medium format portrait work. The strongest photos show sisters, parents and children, posing in body language that reveals more than the sitters probably realize. Fine work by Gamini Kumara.

Kerik Kouklis Photography
Platinum prints of urban parks, roads, New Mexico, more. Underpopulated, atmospheric meditations on light and form, nature and human intervention.

Stumbling Drunk in the Railyard Looking for God
Gee, there are a lots of photos of trains here. And train stations. In fact, this is a "web dummy" of a book the photographer, Thor Lancelot Simon, would like to publish. Despite the oddball title, the photos provide a good documentary of a "downsized" part of Americana. Any publishers out there?

Betty Schlueter
Simple, carefully constructed images, minimalist design. The section "Emily" is especially poignant and intriguing.

Andy Molloy-Photojournalist
This site is a must-see! Four strong photo essays that document the lives of people living alongside the Kennebec River in Kennebec County, Maine. "Assimilation" is about a fading community of Ukranian immigrants; "The Longest Season" documents Maine game wardens; "10-44" shows the results of cutbacks on mental health care; "Death of a Dairy" follows a farmer the day his farm is auctioned off.

Michelle Gienow -- Photographer
Photo Essays and reportage on: Mexicans trying to cross into the United States; tolerant skin heads who beat up intolerant skin heads; and a commune that has reinvented itself for the '90s. Good subject choices, graphically dynamic and with a fine-tuned sense of the moment.

Georgios P. Giannopoulos Personal Photography Exposition
This Athens-based photographer's photographic forays to the Romanian countryside have yielded some fine environmental portraits.

Monica Riviero: La Nostalgia Del Tiempo Pasado (Nostalgia for Time Passed)
Dying trees, abandoned buildings and ancient ruins, when photographed properly, can be turned into strong, graphic images. This Spanish photographer's site shows a strong collection of well-rendered images of the effects of time. For the linguistically impaired: this site is all Spanish; just scroll to "Exposicion fotographica" to find the images.


Jan 97 Top Ten Black and White Websites:

Gill's Stills

Gill Jawetz prowls the streets of New York, capturing moments in subways, cafes, theaters and record stores. Lots of tilted horizons and interesting expressions and people. Then, as if to prove the uniqueness of the Big Apple, he goes shooting in Baltimore.

The Holocaust Album

April 30, 1995 was the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp; these photos document a handful of survivors who returned to Dachau to remember. Important work that reminds us to never forget the horrors that humans are capable of. Important work, with links to other Holocaust-related sites.

Invisible Light

When Andy Finney, an amateur photographer, goes on holiday, he doesn't settle for your regular snapshot. Instead, he brings plenty of infrared film, and comes back with some stunning images. See how this special effects emulsion transforms Mallorca, Cuba, Canada and Reigate (England) into strange, fantastic worlds.

Santa Cruz High School Photography

This is a great website if you're just starting out in photography. Includes gallery of students' work--with commentary and critiques--plus technical tips and information.

Micheal Dwyer B+W Stock Photography

Wanna buy some stock photography? There's a lot of it on this site--over 150 black and white images of high quality photos and a wide range of subjects, including: photojournalism (politics, demonstrations, etc.), occupations, the Boston area, environmental portraits, teenagers, the environment, recreation, education, much more.

The Other Side of the Island Photo Gallery

Myatt Samuel Lipscomb's street photography focuses on the destitute and people living on the seamy side of life. His portraits reveal the sitters' inner beauty. Strong, mature work, punctuated by some irreverent humorous images. Warning: if you don't want a forever download, choose the version of this site without music.

The Sunsets Book

Graphically self-conscious urban images with lots of interesting stuff happening--especially along the edges and corners. The site's in French, the photos are from all over the globe. No sunsets, though.

The Monochrome Set

Sets of image sequences, all beautifully lit and composed. The portraits show an excellent command of composition and working the light. Other sequences include an evolving scene in a British pub and of architecture shots. Very effective when images are viewed in "Slide Show" mode.

Libor Jupa Photography

An excellent mix of dramatic landscapes, quiet cityscapes and still lifes add up to a visually varied site that won't let you lose interest. Well-composed photos of canyons and beaches are offset by back alleys and municipal graveyards and the occasional, surprising tabletop photo. A must visit.

Elias Politis Homepage

Elias Politis takes us on a photographic tour of Greece that only an insider could give. Great photos make this much more than a travel photography site. Fast-loading photo selection is divided into people, places and things.

Feb. 1997 Top Ten Black and White Websites:


From his humble Main Street portrait studio in Heber Springs, Arkansas, Mike Disfarmer created a collection of family portraits that would be discoverd decades later and hailed an historically significant document of mid-century working-class America. His work is now widely recognized as a great artistic achievement. An ample selection of his portraits is available in this well-conceived site.

Melitta Photos

Melitta Tchaicovsky's website features human interest documentary work and portraiture. You may recognize a few familiar faces here...singer Tracy Chapman and the one and only Ansel Adams, for instance.

Edweard Muybridge

The father of motion pictures finally has a web page...with animated .gif's, of course! Well-written commentary puts the photos their historical perspective. See those sequence shots come to life! Netscape 2.x or higher required.

Gary Wagner/Photographer

Beautiful landscape photography featuring mountains, placid lakes, waterfalls, flowing streams and rivers. Sounds peaceful and serene? It is.

Silent Glow

Peter Rockstroh shows his closeups of flowers, ferns and other flora. Dramatic lighting enhances fine sense of composition in this wonderful collection of photographic nature studies.

Big Cypress Gallery: The Photographic Art of Clyde Butcher

To see true committment to the photographic craft, see the portrait of photographer Clyde Butcher standing waist-deep in a Florida swamp with an 8x10 camera. Then look at the pictures: more than just nature photos, they are made in the hopes that they will help to preserve the disappearing ecological resources of Florida. Some stunning images here, but you have to look around the site to find them all.

Daniel Fox-Rabinovich - "Portraits and Moods"

A small site with nice portraiture and evocative "Mood" images. Young work with lots of potential. Especially the last image, "Mary".

Aperture Gallery

This virtual gallery offers a wide range of photography and photographic styles. The main exhibition features one photographer's work, while other galleries offer landscapes, portraits and more. Work displayed includes portraits from a Bangladesh orphanage, classic portraits of the Rolling Stones, portraits of Jazz greats, much more. Dozens of photographers represented here; all the images are for sale. Some color work.

The Eye of the Low Countries

A site set up by and for photojournalists in the Netherlands and Belgium, this site features exemplary work that's never been published because it didn't fit an editor's preconceptions. Both black and white and color is shown here, with links to the photographers' home pages.

The Mortons' Portfolio

Alan and Julia Morton present a simple page of 16 well-composed images, mostly architecturally oriented. Good lighting and some inventive compositions in this tightly-focused site.

March 1997 Top Ten Black and White Websites

Sobre Los Fotos

Dr. Alfonso A. de Castro of the University of Madrid documented the people of Rwanda in 1989, concentrating on the children. Taken before the genocide of recent years, these images are a powerful document when taken in their historical perspective. Worth the long download. Netscape 2.x or higher suggested.

Ann Elliott Cutting Photography

Square-format photos here span a wide range, from conceptual landscapes to documentary-type people photography. Images have a consistent look and feel, heavy on the mood lighting, and are printed to emphasize what the photographer wants you to see. Good, varied.

A Gallery of Fine Photography by Teddy G. Smith

This modestly-named site offers up some good on-location fashion/portrait work, as well as concert photos and a smattering of spot news photography. Fine work, indeed.


There are a lot of images on this site of conceptual work. Thematic sequences, dreamscapes, multiple-exposures and other non-literal work make this site appealing and off-beat. Frames-capable browser required.

Dennis Fagin Studios

Nice commercial portrait work of everyday people. A notable page for its well-conceived use of frames. Frames-capable browser required.


A canadian "best-of" photojournalism site that features a rotating group of work. Current (as of mid-February) selections include George Webber's documentary on the children of Hutterites, an isolated religious sect in Western Canada and Barbara Davidson's look at how Ukraine has been hard-hit by the collapse of the Soviet Union. More good work on the Gallery page.

Peter Ewing - Photographer

Photography is at its best when it is used to illustrate a point. Peter Ewing loves the Australian bush--and presents beautifully crafted work here to prove it--but he fears the encroachment of civilization on this disappearing resource. His artist's statement sends a clear message: "Please enjoy these photographs and contemplate carefully any action which may irreversibly affect Australia's unique landscape."


Krzysztof Marcinkiewicz's page offers up fashion and portrait photography (with a smattering of architecture pix) with some neat darkroom effects. Excellent lighting and composition throughout.

The David Henry Photo Pages

What happens creatively to a photographer when he's relocated to a new country? David Henry moved to Paris from Detroit and his photos changed. Check this page of street photography to see how location can force a creative revolution.

Diane Dulude: Jazz Musicians & Artists and Others

High-impact images of Jazz greats highlight this outstanding site. Also featured are actors, musicians , writers, poets and others--lots of big names here, like sonny rollins, Chris Isaak and Laura Dern. Superb environmental portraits make this site a must visit.

May 1997 Top Ten Black and White Websites

This month's Top 10 Editors: Cindy Stokes and Doug Lester. Our thanks to both for their time and effort!

Wendy Ewald's Project: Children Photograph Their Dreams

Surprisingly good photos by children on four continents depicting their dreams or waking fantasies. Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes disturbing ideas are included ranging from "Barbie floating" to "Sebastian was punished for 8 hours". While it's not clear to what degree Ewald participated in making the photos (she claims the copyright but lists the children's names with each image), they are compelling nonetheless. Select "index" to get the thumbnails first.--CS

In Our Path, by Jeff Gates

Engaging documentary about the neighborhoods displaced by the Century Freeway in LA before and during its construction. Informative essays and captions explain the historical context of the photos and the circumstances of certain images. Also included are some historical photos of various freeway building projects around LA. Click "Freeway Entrance" to begin. --CS

JMK Gallery: Photos by Jacek M. Kucy

Four galleries display "Unorthodox Nudes", "The Usual Suspects" (landmarks in Italy), "Architecture", and "The Current Project," which presently features images of Stonehenge. Many of the Italian and architectural photographs use shape and form effectively to create strong images from building parts and empty spaces. Kucy explains his purpose and experience making each portfolio along with the thumbnail images.--CS

Images by Tina Manley

Tina Manley's photos of children around the world celebrates the hope of children even as they live in the midst of abject poverty. Manley lived with the families she photographed, and the close connection between photographer and subject shines through and is complemented by her careful compositions and attention to lighting.--MR

B&W Artzone

This well designed site is a lttle slow due to the very high quality of the B&W images. One feels like one is leisurely wandering through a first rate art gallery and spending time with outstanding photographs. The site is filled with high resolution photographs from a variety of talented artists, complete with technical data. You will want to spend some time here.--DL

Civil War Scenes

This is a must see site! The images of civil war re-enactments and battle scenes were shot from an inside-the-action perspective, and capture the soul of the Civil War.Some of the images, of candid portrait quality, are among the best I have seen. The tinting went a little too pink for my taste, possibly from the scanning process, but the quality of the images prevents that from being a problem. A second page moves into a collection of excellent color shots, but even these have a "monochrome" look.--DL

NetArt, Susanna Carrios

A small site with five excellent low key figure studies. The artist uses a black mesh and shadow to create an abstract effect that really works. Susanna is a good artist with a good eye. I am looking forward to seeing more of her work and hope she will add more images.--DL

Lake Superior

Good B&W images from the vicinity of Lake Superior with effectively deployed hand coloring. The night shots are particularly worth seeing. A good site with some nice work.--DL

Lookaround Panoramic Silver Prints

Alan Zinn uses a 35mm panaramic camera of his own design for unique urban street scenes. His floating style of shooting adds a dynamic perspective to the photos. You can scroll around inside his fast-loading urban panoramas. Worth a lingering look. --DL

Rick Athern Photography

This well designed site is easy to move around in and has pages of both architectural and figure studies. The excellent architectural scenes in rural Colorado show spots a even a frequent visitor would be hard pressed to find. The classic high key figure studies are tastefully done, though a couple are in color.--DL

June 1997 and Beyond...

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