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May 1999 Top Ten Photo Web Sites
Reviewed by Mason Resnick

Masters of Photography
Small samplings from the likes of Ansel Adams, Atget, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Dorothea Lange, Alexandar Rodchenko, Steichen, Stieglitz, Weston and Winogrand, maintained by a curmudgeonly but resource-filled webmaster. If you need a quick overview of some of the most influential photographers in history, go here.

Fields of Sorrow
The war in Yugoslavia, up close and personal: Photojournalist David Turnley's wrenching documentary of Kosovo refugees fleeing for their lives. Includes a Real Audio interview with the photographer.

Mary Ellen Mark Home Page
A reader's poll in a recent issue of American Photo placed Mary Ellen Mark among the greatest photographers alive today. Unlike many legends of photography whose presence online is limited, Mary Ellen Mark's support team has created a generous site brimming with over a hundred images, from all ten of her incredible books. From photos of Mother Teresa caring for dying untouchables to the mentally ill women of Ward 81 to portraits of homeless children, Mary Ellen Mark's work is honest, unflinching and brave, and proudly represents documentary photography at its idealistic zenith.

SeinOff: The Last Days of Seinfeld, by David Hume Kennerly
20 powerful photos documenting the making of the final episode of one of the most popular TV shows of our time, by one of the preeminent photojournalists alive today. David Hume Kennerly's unprecedented access to the shooting of the last episode of Seinfeld results in images that don't dissapoint--especially with captions written by the the stars of the show, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dryfus and Jason Alexander.

Richard Silfverberg Photography
Chicago street photography by a European. Nice.

Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Web Ring
This is a portal to dozens of web sites that specialize in photojournalism and documentary photography, and is well worth a visit. Links take you to a wide, if somewhat uneven, selection of work.

Bill Gallery
A fun mix of editorial, stock and random informal work, all with a photojournalistic flair. Some color.

10th Anniversary of the Armenian Earthquake
On December 7 1988, a devestating earthquake hit northern Armenia, destroying 40 percent of the buildings and turning the country into a disaster zone. Thousands died. The country observed the tenth anniversary this past December with a moment of silence, but the signs of destruction are still there. So was photographer Onnik Kirkorian. There is a fair amount of color on this site, but the excellent B&W Work can be found by clicking here.

Civil War Camera
Nicely done gallery of Civil War reenactment photographs; just marked its first anniversary online. A reminder that Kosovo wasn't the first civil war.

Gazing for Satori
Ontario native Sean Waisglass returns to The List with a redesigned collection of smart NYC street photography, plus work from Thailand, Korea and Canada. If you're familiar with New York, you'll recognize that Sean's favorite hangouts are south of 14th Street.


July 1999 Top Ten Photo Web Sites
Reviewed by Mason Resnick

Urban Anthropology
A project by Lisa Johnson, Urban Anthropology is a series of pinhole photographs documenting the abandonment of downtown St. Louis, Missouri, and what's happening to these forgotten places. This is part of Digitalari, a site dedicated to contemporary photography and digital imaging.

Western Echoes
Dramatic landscape and nature photography from the western U.S that are reminiscent of Ansel Adams and even Andrew Wyeth. Some of the images here are other-worldy--especially the moonrises--even though they are straight photos. The site also has some color digital work.

The American Highway Project
A motel made of converted railroad cars. The side of a barn with a chewing tobacco ad painted on it. Tacky gas stations. Cadillac Ranch. The General Store. These are just some of the places documented in this ambitous site, the goal of which is to show America's vanishing roadside culture.

Major League Archives
Hey, Baseball fans! Here's a great collection of 1950's vintage baseball photography by Cuban photojournalist Osvaldo Salas. The work concentrates on New York baseball, including some good shots of Joe DiMaggio. A second collection is a series of 1977 portraits of Muhammed Ali, by photographer John Stewart.

Chris Dato Photography
Slick, professional fashion and portrait work, plus reportage with a fashion bias. Some color. Easy navigation, worth a quick look.

Pedestrian Photographs
Photos by yours truly, recent candid people pictures taken on the sidewalks of New York.

Christian's Black & White Gallery
Nicely done photographs with a strong sense of place.

The Documentary Photography of Mary Motley Kalergis
The portrait as a document: Mary Motley Kalgeris's work explores relationships among mothers, children and siblings through tender portrait photos.

Domestic Grace
Using high-concept designed household objects, Cece Wheeler has created a series of still lifes that explore light and form in everyday objects in a way that is almost sensual.

The Last Cowboy
Adam Jahiel's series documents what's left of a vanishing breed: real cowboys, and provides a glimpse into the relationship betewen these men and the land. Good work by someone who appears to be a big fan of his subjects.


September 1999 Top Ten Photo Web Sites
Reviewed by Mason Resnick

Every so often, we hit a bunch of web sites that stress the World part of Black & White World. This is such a time. Enjoy our mostly international collection of fascinating sites!

Cristina Garcia Rodero
Beautiful, if somewhat disturbing, photos of children from Spain. You know you're in for something different when the first image is of a child's funeral. Taken in during various religious rituals, the photos show children in unlikely circumstances that may be jarring. Very perceptive work in this site, which is part of the excellent ezine ZoneZero.

Sandrine Expilly, Non Lieux, Suite + Margherita Verdi: Renosance
The two photographers sharing this exhibit take different approaches to a similar idea. Verdi uses straight photography while Expilly uses manipulated images to explore introspective themes. In both cases, reality is turned into extraction. Part of Nooderlicht, a massive collection of photography from the Netherlands.

Michael Hintlian Portfolio
Classic photojournalism from Michael Hintlian, a concerned photographer who has covered some of the hot spots in a sensitive, thoughtful manner. Portfiolios include: photos of natives and refugees in Armenia and a series documenting progress on the Boston Central Artery Tunnel project. Fine work.

Bryant Park
Street photographer Nathaniel Burkins turns his street-savvy camera towards a most funkily photogenic subject...Bryant Park, a one block city park and oasis in the heart of New York City, located right behind the famous New York library. Ever since the park was redesigned in the late 80's it has become a magnet for local workers for an idyllic lunch break. Burkins' wodnerful candids capture the spirit and flavor of the park.

Boxing Photos from the 80s
As a newspaper and wire service photographer, Scott Henry photographed hundreds of boxing matches in Las Vegas in the 80's. He shares some of his favorite images (which he originally shot in color but told B&W World look better in Black and White) here.

Vincent Yu - HKG
Associated Press photographer Vincent Yu documents Hong Kong's final years as a British Colony. Great people photography from the days before the People's Republic ruled.

Ciudad De La Luz: Juan Carlos Rodriguez
A clever site with good people candids, very European, all in Spanish. A neat feature: press a button under some of the photos and you can email the image you like to a friend. Part of, a Spanish-language photography portal site.

Photographs, Photo Studies, Photo Sketches by Iryna Gudkova
This Leningrad-based photographer photographer offers up a collection of austere, evocative work, concetrating on the people and places she knows. Nicely done, unobtrusive web site design complements the meditative nature of the photos.

Edward Levinson: Cityscapes
We never thought it could be done, but Edward Levinson has found a way to combine street photography and pinhole cameras. He prowls the streets of cities in Japan not with a compact 35mm camera and fast lens, but with a large format, tripod-mounted Pinhole camera! A truly original vision worth seeing.

Roy Harrington Black & White Photography Gallery
Wilderness photography at its finest: Roy Harrington's 4x5 grand vistas capture the Grand Canyon, Point Lobos and other locations from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Pacific Coast in classic style.


October 1999 Top Ten Photo Web Sites
Reviewed by Mason Resnick

No Comment
Greek photographer Yannis Bourakis's untitled collection of street photos depict protests and marches, but without captions one wouldn't know the marchers are Kurds. Solid photojournalism that could use some context.

Deserted Farms
Nökkvi Elíasson has been photographing deserted farms throughout his native Iceland. The dramatic results vividly show how the camera can transcend seemingly unphotogenic subjects when put in talented hands. Eliasson modestly says his people photos are his weakest subject, but based on the sample shown here, we feel his environmental portraits and candids are quite good.

William McEwen
A small but quality collection of large-format portrait photography of authors, newspaper columnists, cartoonists, singers and evangelists. Leaves you wanting more.

Bruce Barnbaum
Bruce Barnbaum's architecture and nature photographs are stunning. His online portfolio, a part of the Lenswork web site, offers not just a ten-photo portfolio which you can buy off the site, but also has a Real Audio interview with the photographer. A great example of what could be done with sound--and commerce--on the web.

Tranquility Base Productions
Another site that has merged photography with ecommerce, Tranquility Base features the work of Craig Wells, who has produced themed series of nature photos which he hopes will adorn the offices and homes of photography lovers worldwide. Themes include Rivers & Streams, High Mountains, Deep in the Forest, Relics from The Past, more. Nice presentation, good work...we wish him financial success in the Internet gold rush!

John Sykes, Jr.
A simple but well-presented collection of location and nature photos, by Little Rock, Arkansas-based newspaper photographer. Dig those cool drop-shadows!

This diverse collection of shots from China by native photography enthusiasts provides an inside view into everyday life in a country that remains a mystery to most who live outside of it--as well as to many natives. Photos include Ansel(!) Jiang's Shanghai street photography, Yu Qiong's documentary of a Yangse River village, Jiang Bo Heng's portraits of children, as well as color photos of Tibet and Qinghai.

Reportage Photography Online
Reportage Photography Online joins a handful of photojournalism sites that strive to show cutting edge work that in many cases print publications won't touch. The work in this outstanding site is as current as today's headlines. A must-see for anyone interested in "concerned" photograpy. Photographers represented on the site include seasoned photojournalism veterans Jo Vestey, Eleanor Curtis, Michael Hintlian, Marcus Kaufhold, Robert van den Berge and Christian Becker.

Kim Weimer
A working photojournalist with good eyes and the ability to sniff out irony, Kim Weimer has put together a collection of photos that show the best and worst of us in virtually every frame. Check out her photo of Mother Theresa--a classic!

Tan Kah Heng's photos of lillies are meditative studies of light and form. Their Zen-like simplicity make this a fine place to go for a welcome breath of visual fresh air.

November 1999 Top Ten Photo Web Sites
Reviewed by Mason Resnick

The B&W 100 International Photography Exhibition
A site--and a competition--dedicated to outstanding B&W photography. All 100 winners' work is displayed in the exhibition area, and each winner is given due recognition. The competition is an annual one, with entries invited starting in July and finalists announced in October. Winners are exhibited in galleries around the world.

NashNet-The Official Graham Nash Web Site

You may know his music, but did you know that Graham Nash is also an accomplished photographer and fine-art photographic printer? In fact, among pro photographers he's a superstar, thanks to his company, "Nash Editions," which is one of the most highly regarded fine-art photo printers around. This small collection of his personal work shows that he's a street-savy shooter with a good sense of composition and, more importantly, a keen eye for irony. This site is a very, very, very fine site.

Photos in Black and White by Riad Traboulsi
Riad Traboulsi's mostly Italian street photography show a strong sense that the people caught by his camera are acting out spontaneous theatre. He has divided his subject matter into cats and dogs, children, street portraits, in museums and several other categories, but they all share the feeling that we're watching a play.

Abraham Menashe's Photo Library
One look at this immense collection of photo essays and documentaries will tell you Abraham Menashe has poured more than just film into his work. He has made an emotional connection with his subjects, as evidenced by his captions and his images. Look for monthly-changing featured photo essays as well as a comprehensive archives with over 5,000 heart-felt images.

Dance Photography Exhibition
With a subject as photogenic as dance photography, Bruce Monk had to do something different. He did. Monk uses the medium of platinum printing to bring out a more dimensional feel to his photos, and will on occasion hand color them using a three color gum process. The results? Wonderfully composed, including an award winning tribute to the masters.

Photos by Les Gaynor
Street photography in San Fransisco in the finest Winogrand tradition. The city by the bay, with its pedestrian-friendly laws, is turning into a street photographer's mecca, and Gaynor's work captures the resulting street theater. He's studied the masters well. Good, perceptive work with a touch of humor.

Through The Looking Glass
Here's a concept: you have an assignment to use photography to show how things look when you have to look through something to see them. Got it? Tracy Heller did, and the results are here for all to see. A nice idea, interesting variations.

British photohgrapher J.D. Perkins presents two somewhat mysterious sets. The first, entitled "Tomb Raider", at first seems to be about some kind of archeological dig, but most of the photos concentrate on people who seem to be travelling or resting, perhaps between digs. The second, "Other Images", seem semi-photojournalistic looks at rallies, riots and other mayhem on the streets of London. The captions in both cases are enough to pique interest, but fall short of providing useful information. Nevertheless, the photos are excellent.

Speaking of mysteries, Tan Kah Heng returns to The List with nighttime metropolitan images that are filled with shadowy figures, deserted spaces and neon lights. He has managed to capture the look and feel of a city at rest--if not completely asleep.

Oleg Dersky - Silent Photography
It's hard to tell which of Oleg Dersky's images are staged and which were found, but it is clear that this photographer has an outsanding sense of space. His carefully composed work has a distinctive, controlled look. Reminiscent of Harry Callahan and Paul Strand's work, but with an occasional commercial flair.

December 1999 Top Ten Photo Web Sites
Reviewed by Mason Resnick

Street Photography by Roberto Mastrovito
Candid shots taken in London and Athens that will tickle your funny bone. Elliot Erwitt meets Tony Ray-Jones!

100 Years Ago Christmas
Imagine opening a long-forgotten shoebox and finding a treasure trove of vintage turn-of-the-century (19th to 20th, that is) family photos. Diane Syme's grandfather dutifully photographed his family--and especially their creatively decorated christmas--trees from 1898 through 1913. He also kept detailed records, making this a well-documented presentation. As we reach the end of the 1900's this is fascinating extended snapshot of life when the century started.

Geoffrey Kuehn Photography
This Arizona-based photographer has honed his work into highly-focused studies that reflecct his interest in light, form and architecture. With a fine sense of composition he turns common sights into abstractions. He calls it "common subjects in an uncommon light".

Johnny Donnels Fine Photography
New Orleans-based Johnny Donnels has a lot of soul. You can see it in his portraits of Jazz musicians, and in the street portraits he's taken in and around New Orleans and elsewhere. From Jazz funerals to concert footage of Eubie Blake, he captures the place that he calls home.

Chance Encounters
Doug McCulloch took a map of Los Angeles County and divided it into little squares, and then drove around, photographing chance encounters. Go to this site, click on a square and you will be transported to a moment in time somewhere in the location indicated on that square, and a caption explaining what happened. Navigation can get somewhat confusing, but excellent photos throughout.

Steve Karafyllakis-AlioPhote Gallery
Using large and medium format cameras and a Zone System approach, Steve Karafyllakis creates stunning still lifes and meditative scenics. His two Southern Lands portfolios take you to swamps, misty fields--and remarkably little Kudzu. He also has a portfolio of Greek Islands that include some good candids.

Brian's Graphics Arena
Brian Heller's site of his newspaper photography has earned him recognition by the likes of Time Life and others. An admirer of Alfred Eisensteadt, Heller's work take the fullest advantage of his press credentials and his keen eye. Possible Photo of Month: Trekkies, take note: he has some 70's vintage shots of the Star Trek cast, as well as other photos of legends in their own time.

Jon Morgan Fine Art Photography
Well organized and nicely designed, this site offers a collection of photos heavily influenced by Jon Morgan's travels in the Far East and South East Asia. The images strike a balance between abstraction and documentary photography.

B&W Mood
Russian photographer Oleg Moskvin shows a collection of introspective, mysterious images. The mystery of people and things that are hidden, and the suggestion of their presence, add to this site's appeal.

Ernest J. Theisen
Using the relatively obscure Bromoil Transfer Print process, Ernest Theisen's photos of the southwestern US evoke an earlier time, and give more than a passing nod to the pictorialist movement.