Frequently Asked Questions About Black & White Photography

We have selected questions and answers that were posted on the original Black & White World forum. Since that forum will be taken off-line, we wanted to archive the best questions and responses. This process will take a few months, but it starts with this rather diverse selection of topics:


The Zone System; Signing Prints; Flattening Prints; Using Selenium Toner; Developer-Incorporated Paper I.


Spots on Negatives; Infrared Photography; Good Starter Films; Scanning for the Web; GIF vs. JPEG.


Dichoric Color Head Filtration Settings, Guide Number Guidance, Incorporated Developer Paper II, Archival Washers, Texture Screens, ISO 400 Film, Agfa Rodinal.


Building a darkroom sink, B&W Prints from Color Negs, Removing Drying Marks from Film.


Dichoric Enlarger Head Primer, TMax vs. Plus-X and Tri-X, Leitz Enlargers, How to photograph a concert, what is LPD.

FAQ Special Edition: Street Photography

A simple question about street photography spawns a controversial discussion.


5x7 Roll Film Avalability, T-Max films and HC-110, Brown Dektol, Multiple Filter Printing/Split Grading, Has RC Paper Improved, Archval Processing Guidelines, T-MAX VS. T-MAX RS Developer.


T-Max Film Developer, Ilford Delta in PMK, D75 and T-Max, XP2, Cold light, diffusion, Brown Dektol, ISO 25 film, Toning Prints.


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