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June 2000 Top Ten Photo Web Sites
Reviewed by Mason Resnick

Muay Thai Documentary Photography
Photographer Kitt Amaritnant's photographs of Thai Boxing were taken in New York City over the last four years and, according to her introduction, are devoted to the "spiritual aspect...of this 2,000 year-old sport". The images themselves shows intensity fo the participants in a setting half a world away from the sport's origins.

Jordi V. Pou, Photographer
Street-savvy photojournalism and personal projects that span the globe, from the American South to Spain, Egypt, Ireland and Turkey. Some of the imagery here has an impressionistic feel to it.
Some photos start life in black and white, but scream out for color. That's where comes in handy. This is an extensive resource for photographers and artists who are interested in hand-coloring photographs. There is an extensive listing of how-to articles, live chat events, forums, as well as a weekly survey. If you're looking for a handcolorist (that's what they're called) in your area, there's a directory. And--just so it can make it into the top ten, there's an impressive gallery of hand-colored works shown here.

Bob Sofford Photography
Bob Sofford's photos evoke a placid, pastoral existence via views and people of the Bayou and south Florida. But wait--what's that anti-abortion rally doing in the middle of all of this calm? Go there and try to figure it out.

Walk This Town
Rebecca Walk (get the pun?) is a street-smart photographer with a keen eye for interactions between people and moments that have an edge. She is clearly using her camera to explore and gain entry into places she might not go to otherwise. From her site: "I can't speak anymore of things important. Photography has stolen my voice and now speaks my thoughts for me." Nice quote.

Jagdish Agarwal
Great photography of all things Indian. While most of the images are shot for stock and are therefore somewhat generic, some do have a photojournalistic edge to them and provide a fairly comprehensive view of life in India

Richard Van Le Photography
Consisting of an even mix of hip shots and eye-level street photography, this collection is divided into photos of Chinatown, New York City, with many images made during Chinese New Year celebrations, and Street Scenes taken around the Isle of Manhattan. Losely composed and at times chaotic, the images capture their frenetic subject well.

Year of the Dragon
Richard Van Le was not the only street photographer in Chinatown for New Year celebrations this year. So was Richard Yeh. His specialty is shooting into crowds and finding a bizzare order in the chaos. A keen eye for irony and coincidence here, well worth a visit.

Chris Honeysett Photography
Moody, evocative and dramatic images of buildings, clouds and trees--all captured in the classic Zone System style, framed and ready to hang on your wall. Every scenic here can be bought--framed or otherwise.

Bill Emory at the Rosni Farm, VA.
Bill Emory worked on the Rosni Farm, a place that existed for 174 years when they hired him inn 1975. He worked, followed directions...and took many pictures of life working on the farm. It's about as in-depth as one could get, and the only visual memory of a family farm that has long since died out.

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