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August 2000 Top Ten Photo Web Sites
Reviewed by Mason Resnick

American Talker: Weegee on Weekend Edition
This is a Black and White World first! Recently, a long-forgotten radio interview with the famous New York Tabloid photographer Weegee, conducted in 1945 on New York radio station WEAF , was rediscovered in the Library of Congress and played on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition program. This six-minute interview is a gem: hear the voice--and the engaging wit--of one of the best-known b&w photographers of the 20th Century. Real Audio required.

Timothy Allen
Solid photojournalism from a British photographer. Subjects include a humanitarian aid convoy to Bosnia, earth-friendly summer festivals in England, the plight of a forgotten Burmese people, more. Some color.

Richard Sandler Photography
Street photography made on the streets of New York City. Richard Sandler makes interesting use of hand-held flash, that shows that ideal street shooter's combination of quick reflexes and a good eye. Brace for impact. Browser compatability note: Requires Macromedia Flash for viewing.

The Hidden Life of Masks
This highly conceptual site out of Russia consists of studies of...guess what...masks. Actually, it's about many things that obscure, as well as things that obscure other things. All nicely photographed. Visit and see if you can uncover hidden meanings.

Photographs from Chechnya
This is not a site of war pictures. Rather, it is a site of pre-war images by Igor Palmin, made in the late 1970's and early 80s, long before the current tragedy. The images of the people, the stunning landscape and ancient ruins is made poingant by the photographers recollections that have been stirred by news of the places he photographed in the current war.

Cristina Garcia Rodero: Children
Childhood is supposed to be an innocent, happy time, but don't tell that to Spanish photographer and Eugene Smith Foundation prizewinner Cristina Garcia Rodero. Her children are isolated, in pain, in imminent danger and in one case, no longer alive. If you want a disturbing look at the dark side of childhood, you've come to the right place.

Well-composed photos that harmonize architecture with nature. Photographs were taken in the UK and Europe as well as in New York, Michigan and Illinois. And it's all for sale.

Charles P. Farmer Photography
This one is more than an extraordinary large-format nature photo gallery, it's also a rather comprehensive resource for large format photographers. The site's owner offers a consulting service, newsletter and workshops for large format shooters.

Carl Cook Photography
Making a return appearance in B&W World (first seen in '96 and greatly improved since then) this nature photographer's work is dramatic. He gets in the face of his winged and four-footed subjects and the results are real stoppers! Check out those owls!

The Wista Photo Gallery
One of the better photo reportage sites we've seen, the work here documents Worcester, Massachusetts in the finest Cartier-Bresson style. Photographer Robert Johnson manages to capture that elusive combination of key moments within careful compositions that in our opinion, represents photography at its very best.

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