Conventional Photographs: Pictures by Mason Resnick

Conventional Photographs

Whenever I visit a trade show or convention at New York's Jacob Javits Center, I set aside time to take pictures. The following images represent results from three years' worth of shows.

I am interested in the temporary nature of trade shows, and the visual challenges that they provide. There are similarities in photographing trade shows to photographing people on the street, but lighting, architecture and the purposeful interactions between people change the nature of the facts that the camera captures.

The images on this site reflect personal, subjective observations of the trade shows I've attended, and have little to do with the shows' "official" goals. In that sense, they are definitely unconventional.

On a technical note: all of the images on this site were made with a Konica Hexar and Ilford HP5 film.They were processed in standard D-76 and printed on Ilford MGIV paper in Ethol LPD developer.

--Mason Resnick
November, 2000

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