About Tina Manley...

"I prefer to photograph people and try to capture an emotion which can be universally undertsood. Photography is the language I use to translate other cultures."

Tina Manley began her photographic career by selling photographs of her own four children. She has since expanded her files to include photographs of children and families in 33 countries. As a stock photographer and owner of IMAGES, the Rock Hill, South Carolina, photographer supplies images for encyclopedias, textbooks, and magazines. Her clients include UNICEF, The Charlotte Observer, Country Woman, Earth Watch, Foreign Service Journal, Harcourt Brace, Transitions Abroad, Natural History, University of Chicago Press, and Working Mother.

For the past ten years Manley has traveled to Central America to take photographs for the Central American Task Force on Hunger. She stays with desperately poor families to document their daily lives. Her photographs are used to raise money for self-help programs to aid the families.

Manley used Minolta Maxxum and Leica rangefinder cameras for the images in this portfolio.

If you're interested in purchasing these photographs, please contact Tina Manley at images@infoave.net