Easter Parade, 5th Avenue, NY,, circa 1978

It's interesting to see what time does to one's perceptions of one's work. Most of the images shown in this exhibit are photos I once printed then discarded as not of much interest. Rediscovered during a recent trip to the attic, these images, many from the 70's, now have gone beyond their original role as casual street photos and now have taken on some historical documentary significance. Some more recent work is included simply because I think it works in this collection.

Weird in the Streets is a collection of photographs that describe what was in front of the camera at that moment. They aspire to be nothing more. Over time, however, some may view these photographs in the context of the fashions of the times in which they were taken, making mental contrasts with the way things are now. What was once throwaway is now historic document.

Perhaps this is the fate of street photography?

--Mason Resnick
January, 2000

All photographs ©Mason Resnick and may not be used without consent of the photographer


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