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About Black & White World

Black & White World started as an experiment in HTML that has gone wonderfully out of control. In November 1995, when big businesses were just starting to get a whiff of the Web, Black & White World went on-line with two features: the Top Ten list of our favorite Black & White photography-related web sites, and a couple of articles about setting up a darkroom. The site had around 500 visitors that first month.

We grew over the next five years, with over 38,000 visitors per month at our peak. We have been the number one search result when "Googling" Black & White Photography. Then, in late 2000, Mason Resnick, founder of Black & White World, was hired to be the managing editor of Popular Photography magazine, where he stayed for five glorious years. But it required a commute that took nearly four hours out of each day, and when he got an offer to work at home again, he took it. As a result, Black & White World has returned to full activity, fulfilling its mission to share the joys of monochrome photography of all kinds--both traditional darkroom and digital.

Do you currently have a service or product that would be of interest to black-and-white photographers? Consider promoting and advertising it here. Currently in pre-relaunch mode, Black & White World is already showing exceptional performance in its recently added Google Ads feature, with a 12% click-through rate. This is before we've started promoting the site and generating traffic and could be attributed to high search enginge ranking and thousands of links to the site. We intend to build on this solid foundation to create a site rich with useful information about all aspects of black-and-white photography, and a source to drive customers to those who have relevant products.

Who we are

Editor/Publisher Mason Resnick started Black & White World as a way to learn HTML in a real-world application for his web consulting business. Before getting into the Web, Mason wrote for numerous photo industry publications, from Modern Photography (where he was the associate editor) to Shutterbug, American Photo On Campus, Photo District News, Photo Trade News, Photo Lab Management, Minilab Developments (now called Imaging Entrepreneur) and Photo Business (where he was the managing editor). He contributed a chapter Photography for Dummies (yes, from the "Dummies" series!) and published articles on digital photography and website design in Popular Photography and American Photo magazines. Until recently he was the managing editor of Popular Photography. He is now the Editor of the Adorama AIRC Learning Center .

His web clients have included PDN Online, B&H Photo-Video, which he designed from scratch and where he was the first webmaster until June 1997, Dalmatian Black & White Custom Lab, and BSMG Worldwide.


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