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Darkroom Resource Center

Are you a photography student or educator looking for traditional black-and-white chemical darkroom how-to advice? This is the place to be.

From the basics of putting together a home darkroom to alternative processes, we have everything you need. So let the digital revolution pass you by and enjoy the art and craft of working in the darkroom.

See the (amber) light!

Getting Started
How to Build a Home Darkroom
How to Develop Black and White Film
How to Make a Black and White Print
Basic Darkroom FAQ

Buying Guide
What To Look For When Purchasing An Enlarger

Photoprocessing Do's and Dont's

NEW! Complete Film and Developer Combination Guide
Returning to the Darkroom
A Different Approach To The Zone System
Potassium Ferricyanide: Fantastic or Frustrating?
Split Filter Printing

Brilliant Mistakes: The Trials & Tribulations of Building a Pro Darkroom, (Pt. I)
Brilliant Mistakes: Buying New Toys (Pt. II)
Brilliant Mistakes: Darkroom Disasters (Pt. III)
Brilliant Mistakes: Hold The Ketchup (Pt. IV)

Alternative Process
Kallitypes (Van Dyke Prints)
Basics of Infrared Photography


FAQ's and Lists
Just the FAQ

Street Photography
No Respect: A Street Photographer's Lament
Coffee and Workprints: My Workshop With Winogrand

Technique & Reviews
PhotoJournalism 101
How to Shoot As If There Were No Retakes
An infrared primer

Ten Reasons to Shoot in B&W
What Makes a Photograph Collectible?
The Mind's Eye: Why Cameras Don't See The Way We Do
My Uncle: A Photographic Field Trip With A Seasoned Shooter
Back to Black and White (Courtesy NYIP)

Rambling With Resnick
(The original column, discontinued)
March '98: No Worries
Apr. '98: Dumb and Dumber
July '98: Resnick's Guide to Street Photography
Nov. '98: The Gods Must Be Crazy
Sept. '99: Film or Digital?
Oct. '99: Hey Kids, Let's Open a Pandora's Box
Dec. '99: Goodbye Mr. Nikon
Jan '00: Not Dead Yet
March. '00: The Changing Face of Photography
Apr. '00: A B&W Backlash
May '00: The Power of a Photograph
January '06: Film is Dead!

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