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Once upon a time, archives meant dusty places with dusty volumes that haven't been touched. They may show signs of age, but they're always there.

The web is different. The sites archived in this Vault are living, breathing and evolving things. Some of the links here are outdated...sites put up by students who graduate and lose accounts, others by photographers who decided not to keep their sites online, and a few who have so fundamentally changed their sites that they have absolutely nothing to do with the description you find here.

All we can say is, sorry about that, but that's life in the big virtual city. We occasionally go through the vault and remove links to dead sites (we keep the descriptions...hope springs eternal), but we have not changed descriptions to reflect new content. That's the kinda workload that would drive us bonkers. Some truly remarkable work has, unfortunately, turned into dead links, but most continues to thrive.

So with that caveat, enjoy the sites!

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